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Give your teen a headstart and enhance performance, resilience and wellbeing in 2019 and beyond...


valuable life skills early on in life

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Teens (13-18)

Your daughter or son is full of promise.


You see their potential but they may not right now.


Coaching for your teen is a positive and proactive way for your daughter or son  to build their self esteem and discover their  strengths.


Do you find that they are over critical of their appearance?


Are they struggling with school, friends, and life balance?


Are they anxious about “fitting in?”


Do they have a difficult time managing stress or finding their own inspired way of organizing their life?


Have they stopped confiding in you about the details of what is happening in the day to day?


Would you like to see them grasp a deeper sense of herself/himself and their value?


Does your teen have leadership potential, but does not know how to utilize and channel their giftings?


You have come to the right place. 


You want the best for your kids. That is a given.


You might be here because you are experiencing the natural “pulling away” that begins occuring as early as their tweens. You might be here because you know they need a trusted, outside ally.


I am a safe place to land and a judgement-free life-line for your daughter or son.


In our coaching sessions, they will discover their value and develop a greater sense of self-esteem.


Their confidence cannot help but increase as they becomes self-aware and awakens to their very own personal power. 


Coaching is a positive, proactive approach to drawing out your daughter or son's best and connecting them with the truest version of themselves.


We focus on the now, who they want to become and the power they have to make decisions in this very moment that will shape their future and continue to create their character.


I also offer sessions to support Parents so you can best support them through their coaching journey.


You will receive fresh ideas tailored to the needs of you and your teen. 

Young Woman (19-29)

Women truly do not know and fully begin to understand themselves until well into their 30s.

This means there is a lot to discover about yourself during the years of eighteen to forty!

Do you struggle with trying to make everyone happy?

Are you in a complicated relationship or job where you are giving your power away and you want to know how to take it back?

Do you ever feel like you are not enough?

Do you want to explore what it means to live a life honoring to your core values?

Do you want to discover the freedom of saying “no” to good things so you can be available to say YES to great things?

Would you like to become a better friend to yourself and connect with your true value and worth?

You have come to the right place. (This also applies to young men. 

  • 9 Week Package 

  • Detailed 1 hr Discovery Session

  • Tailored Life Transformation Coaching Package Design

  • 6 x Coaching Sessions – 60 minutes per session – In Person, Skype, Telephone or Zoom

  • Post Session Development Guides 

  • Written Takeaways of Agreed Session Strategies

  • 2 x Lightbulb Sessions – Session type is at client’s discretion. These can be taken any time during or after the completion of your package.

  • Unlimited email support

  • You’ll receive up to 4 brief “in-between-session” calls if needed for those times you just need some quick support i.e. before a job interview, asking that certain someone out etc…

  • 9 Sessions In Total 

  • 1 x Complimentary Post Program Support or Mentoring Session – 1 x half hour phone session 

  • Possible tax write off (check with your accountant)

package price:

$1,800 + tax


Elements of Empowerment® Personal Guarantee

If you are fully committed to getting to the root of the problem and changing your present circumstances, then an NLP Coaching is right for you.  Elements of Empowerment® personally guarantees your results.  When complete, we will confirm that you received what you came for.

You can expect these changes to continue to integrate and expand as you move forward and continue to take deliberate action in your newfound potential and empowerment and focus for the life you want to live.