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Stress is a natural response when you think that obstacles will get the better of you. This can be anything from people you don’t get along with to situations that seem difficult to overcome. When we think that the demands we face are too much for us, we are over thinking to the point that we trigger our flight response. Prolonged stress can be damaging to your health, focus, memory and nervous system.

Emotional reactions almost always lead to anxiety which is understandable if you think about it. If you are constantly anticipating an attack, your defenses will always remain up. That can be exhausting for the mind thus leading to migraines, nausea, fatigue, insomnia, grinding teeth and a decrease or increase in appetite.

All of these reactions are triggered through anxiety which is triggered by your reactions to stress.

Coaching gets to the root of the problems causing stress and changes the way you respond to stress.  Coaching will help you deal with the emotional and physical stressors that are causing you to worry more than your mind can handle.

Coaching can put you back in control by reprogramming how you think about, and, respond to your problems. This will bring about solutions and help you make healthier lifestyle changes to reduce stress in your life.


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