Are you looking to make changes to your health, body, and fitness?

Build your dream body eating a variety of foods you actually like?

Lose body fat and increase your metabolism for long term?

Join Tanya Gordon and receive a comprehensive, realistic and fully customized program tailored to YOU, your GOALS and your NEEDS. I will help teach you what, when and how you can eat and exercise to achieve safe and long term results! 


What the InnerGame of Health & Fitness online program includes:

  • Customized program both training and nutrition including cardio, weights, and nutrition that is tailored towards your goals and lifestyle

  • Flexible dieting with a wide variety of healthy nutritional food options through an approved food substitution list so you have plenty options to choose from rather than “this is what you must eat” 

  • Review and provide a detailed assessment of progress through check in on a bi-weekly basis

  • Adjust and change nutrition plan based on your progress to ensure you are in line to achieve your goals

  • Change and update your training program regularly so you never get bored, or plateau

  • 24/6 email access with me as your accountability manager 

  • Discount Code for Supplements



  • Learn how to love yourself & your lifestyle

  • Improve your mindset & self-confidence

  • Create a more positive body image 

  • Become highly focused on goal-setting and actually reach your goals

  • Establish a positive relationship with food, and how to manage cravings

  • Improve your accountability, self-discipline & time management skills

  • Learn how to take a bit more time for ME (Yes, this means YOU!) 

  • Learn how to grocery shop effectively, prepare healthy meals quickly and easily

  • Give you better understanding of how eating cleaner can change your body and your life forever!


*** 3 month commitment with all sign ups (this is done via subsciption, clients can continue after 3 month period with the ability to cancel at any time  (no longer locked in after 3 months)

*** all prices include 13% HST


InnerGame of Health & Fitness Program

Price Options
C$299.00monthly/ auto-renew

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