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Do you remember that feeling you had as a kid when everything was magic and you could do anything? For me, I felt that most at Christmas. The book we are using for the challenge, “The Magic'” is about getting that “magical” feeling back into every day of our lives.

The way to do this is through the active practice of gratitude every day, in every moment.

Even if you think you are already grateful, can you be MORE GRATEFUL?

And what types of positive impacts would that have on your life and the lives of those around you? I know I have times when I am most ACTIVELY practicing gratitude and it makes a huge difference in my life.

Just like working out at the gym or doing yoga, the more we PRACTICE, the stronger our gratitude muscle will be and the more we attract good things.

Each day I will post the challenge to do on Elements of Empowerment and the private Facebook page Empowering Your Life. It’s best if you read the exercise a day ahead of time as some exercises start first thing when you wake up the next day.

If you have the book, read the intro and Day 1 now for extra inspiration and instruction. 

If you don’t have the book you can still participate without it.

Once you’ve done the above, write down one or more wish/es you would like to manifest or dedicate your Magic Practice to this month.

If you could achieve any goal what would it be?

Write it down below or in a private journal.

Dedicate your Magic Gratitude practice to achieving that goal. And why wait?

Let’s get the positive energy going by sharing at least one thing we are grateful for below.


Click here for Day 1

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