Transform Overwhelm to Calm

Wow…have you ever had one of THOSE weeks…when just about everything goes wrong or threatens to go wrong? With it comes overwhelm.

The dog runs away, there is a break up; a notice comes in the mail that you weren’t expecting…one would be enough to deal with. What happens if there is more than one crisis to deal with in a short period of time?

I wish that I had a magic wand for those situations…but I don’t…and neither does anyone else.

In those moments of stress and crisis, overwhelm needs to be taken by the hand and lead down a different path.

So, here are some things to do that will give you a temporary way to deal with the overwhelm in a crisis situation.

Physical Tips for Dealing with the Overwhelm

  • Wall push ups

  • Deep Breathing

  • Up your magnesium content (bananas, chocolate (moderation), supplements)

  • L-theanine supplement

  • Take a walk to up your endorphins (walk fast for a minute, then stroll, do it again every 5 minutes). Walking while the sun is shining is best to get more vitamin D.

Mental Strategies for Beating Overwhelm

  • Make a list

  • Prioritize your list. Put a number by each item, in order of importance

  • Which of these items can be stricken off your list?

  • What is the most important action on your list?

  • Take Action. Do the most important item on your list FIRST.

  • Set a timer for 15 minutes and do it…after those 15 minutes, take a break and lay down…

  • Just Be

If the Overwhelm is Caused by an Upcoming Event

Here is a simple exercise based on NLP techniques, if you are feeling overwhelmed by an event that is in your future. Imagine…if you can…that you have travelled to that time in your future that is 15 minutes AFTER the event…that’s right…and look back…see that event over and done…completed…successfully…and see how you feel now…just let it all go…because it is done…

Does that help? You might need to do this more than once…and it will dial it down…because when you can imagine that it is over…and you have done it…you can just let it go…feel the sigh….yes…that’s right…

This is a simple technique and it will help you get rid of the overwhelm…because quite often we create overwhelm by imagining a negative outcome…don’t we?

When You are no Longer in Crisis Mode and Overwhelm

Come back and see what the cause of it was…and then…in order to prevent it from occurring again, deal with the negative beliefs…then if a situation was to arise that in the past might have caused you distress and overwhelm…it won’t have as much of an impact…will it?

Because if you use these small steps when you are knee deep in it…and then come back and deal with any underlying negative beliefs when you can…when you get to the root of that emotion…you will magically transform overwhelm into calm…and no magic wand will be necessary…

“Drive your own life…you deserve to, don’t you?”

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