The Secret To Your Mindset Success

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Mindset Success equals results

Everything you do first begins in the mind, and your thoughts shape your results. Imagine that.What you think about most of the time will be responsible for the results you create in your life. What you sort for, see, hear and manifest into your life.

The key to making any change in your life is to cultivate your own mindset success and lasting results.

When you change your Mindset you can change your life. When you change the deepest, hidden part of your mind (your subconscious mind) you can transform your life.

The fact is most people never achieve what they want. Some never get started; others start and give up, while some keep getting back up, hoping that this time they will succeed.

To achieve anything in life you must have a strategy. Hope is not enough. There are several ingredients for a mindset for success, so here are the first four:-

Mindset Success

Clarity. Get clear on what you want. Don’t know? Then pick one area of your life, one thing and go for it. If it’s getting fit, make this your focus. If it’s finding your ideal partner, make this your focus. (Quick tip: work on yourself first to ensure you don’t have any inner blocks, patterns and beliefs preventing this from happening. We offer help with this).

Plan. Like anything in life you must have a plan and you must commit to taking the necessary action to create what you want.

Consistency. Taking one big step and then stalling won’t get you to the finish line. Make sure you take small steps consistently, be flexible as to your path and change when necessary.

Belief. You must cultivate self belief. If you don’t believe you can do it, then you probably won’t. Remember the words of Henry Ford:-

If you think you can or think you cannot you are probably right.

When you start your journey of change, decide what you want, make a plan, take action, step forward consistently and build inner belief, you have foundations for creating your own Mindset Success and getting results.

Most people never achieve what they want on their own. Athletes and other successful people have coaches and mentors. Find someone to help you and to keep you accountable to yourself. (I have two coaches. One for my fitness competition and another that is my Mindset & Performance Coach for my business and personal life).

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Until next time, remember

Your Mindset Matters and only you can know if you have a Mindset for Success.

About the Author

Tanya Gordon, NLP, TLT, C.Ht is a Global Mindset & Performance Coach who coaches people to perform optimally and produce breakthrough results personally and professionally. Ultimately to tap into and harness their full potential. As an authentic, and inspirational coach and speaker, she partners with professionals and teams to create transformations and lasting results. Discover how to be more consistent and what it takes to stick to your goals.

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