The Magic - 28 days of Gratitude Challenge

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Hey everyone, I will be starting the ‘The Magic’ – 28 days of Gratitude Challenge on National Gratitide Day, September 21, 2019 and was wondering if anyone fancied joining me?

‘The Magic’ book is part of ‘The Secret’ series by Rhona Byrne and is a journey of 28 Days of filling your life with the power of gratitude. 

I will have 28 magical practices to do, some of which takes less than 15 minutes each day to complete and they will change your life & way of thinking in a positive way.

I have created a private Facebook group (Empowering Your Life) for those wishing to take part. This will be a space where we can help and support one another during the process and share our wins & experiences.

You do not have to have the book to participate, I will share each day’s assignment the day before, but if you want to purchase it, it can be picked up at your local book store or Amazon.

We will commit to posting daily gratitude challenges from the Magic, Rhonda Byrne.


​For Full description of the challenge please visit

What happens when the month is over?

When the month is over, I would love to have a conversation about what we learned about ourselves throughout this process. And then you can decide if you would like to continue with a daily gratitude practice. You can also use this month to try out different ways to express your gratitude and see which one feels the best for you.

Can I help you spread the word?

I would LOVE that! Please put this artwork on your websites and link to this page. Please share that you’re participating in A Month of Gratitude on Empowering Your Life - Elements of Empowerment and would love for your friends to join you!

Here is the url to link to:

Here are some possible Facebook posts:

We’re joining together to share our gratitude every day this month! Please join us!

(Please link to the Empowering Your Life fan page:

I’ve committed to feeling grateful every single day this month! Want to join me?

(Please link to the Empowering Your Life fan page:

I joined a Month of Gratitude on Empowering Your Life, and I’m already feeling more grateful! Come join us!

(Please link to the Empowering Your Life fan page:

Any other questions?

Please email them to me at:

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