“‘The Magic’ 28 Day Gratitude Challenge” – Starts September 21, 2019 – How To Join In Details

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Hey Friends,

This is your invitation to join in on “‘The Magic’ Gratitude Challenge – September 2019”

We start on September 21th and wrap up the magical assignments on October 18th. We’ll have the last few days of the month to process our experiences, share our wins and celebrate.

You do not have to have the book to participate, but if you have it, the “way to play” is to (optionally) read the section for the day and do the easy, fun assignment at the end of the chapter.  

I will share each day’s assignment here the day before, so even without the book you will know what to do.

The way it works is on September 21, 2019 you (optionally) read “Day 1 Count Your Blessings” and do “Magic Practice Number 1.” If you don’t want to read the chapter, that’s fine. Just do the experiential part (which I will post here) and share your insights for that day as well as encourage others.

Spend as much or little time on these tasks as feels right. Even if you only have a few minutes, IF you participate with passion and consistency you will benefit greatly.

Use the comment section at the bottom of the CURRENT day’s MAGICAL PRACTICE to share your wonderful experiences. Not only will doing that reinforce the good impact on you, but you’ll inspire the rest of us.

Even if you’ve already done ‘The Magic,’ each time is a new experience. All were totally different and yet POWERFUL!

Are you in? If so, share your enthusiasm in the space below!

Sending out GRATITUDE and LOVE to all of you fabulous friends participating with me!!!

This is going to be MAGICAL!

Monday September 23th -Join the Empowering Your Life Facebook Group

You will have even more EMPOWERMENT and GRATITUDE for doing so. Why the 23rd, because I unfortunately I made the group a secret and facebook rules are I have to wait 28 days to change.

PS – And please add a quick note below to say, “Hi” and show that you are in for some magic!

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