Shifting your mindset to achieve your weight loss goals.

NLP techniques combined with personal coaching can change the way you lose weight.

Weight loss is one of the main reasons why we join a gym. It is very rare to come across a client who isn’t after weight loss.

We constantly seek to better ourselves. Whether it be how we look with our shirt off at the beach or attempting to get active at the gym.

After working with a range of clients, it quickly became apparent that there was a missing link in personal coach and weight loss. I found that clients tried so hard to achieve results before even considering a personal coach.

Challenging a client’s mindset was something that I realized early in my coaching. This was in order for them to overcome their limiting beliefs.

Why fad diets don’t work

Many clients are quick to take up fad diets and exercise plans. Constant pinching of their “trouble” spots or calling themselves “fat”; yet still feeling unhappy with themselves. The focus on quick fixes meant that they lost sight of sustainability and overall health.

Challenging limiting beliefs

Using NLP techniques in my coaching to challenge my clients is a point of difference with Elements of Empowerment. Rather than focusing on an end result straight away, I confront my clients past and present provocations to find the source of their issues. Once limiting beliefs are understood, a client finds it a lot easier to achieve their goals in a healthy manner.

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