My Breakthrough Session

What happens after a Personal Breakthrough Coaching Session?

After recently finishing my our NLP Practitioner Programming Certification course in Las Vegas, Nevada with the Tad James Co, the group of us were certified a brand new group of confident, skilled and passionate students ready to take on the world as Coaches!

One of the most exciting and transformational parts of this training is the Personal Breakthrough Session that all the students get to take part in during the training.

This complete coaching session where the students get to let go of one major problem that they have been having in any area of life. This enables the students to have real client experience while in the training, and also experience the transformational process of Breakthrough Coaching. I was blessed enough to have Dr. Adriana James use me as a demonstration to the coaches on getting rid of a major emotion we all have..... guilt!

After clients have identified the problem, and discussed factors that have led to the creation of that problem in their lives, the coach then uses the tools they’ve learned throughout the training to assist the client in letting go of negative emotions and beliefs from the past, eliminating conflicts and cleaning up any other patterns that are no longer serving the client.

Then comes the discussion of what to do after the session, which is my personal favourite. After the coaching is complete, the real fun begins.

Imagine weeding a garden. Once you have pulled out all the weeds that you no longer want in the garden, it’s time to plant new plants and beautiful flowers exactly how you want them.

Here’s what they looks like in Coaching:

-Setting goals utilising the power of both the conscious mind and the unconscious mind.

-Taking action, which means working towards goals on a daily basis

-Focusing on what you want, because where attention goes, energy flows.

-Paying attention to obstacles because they WILL come up;

Obstacles come up whenever you set a new goal your put new ‘parameters’ in place in your life.

It’s a good thing!

Obstacles mean that you are on the right track. They mean you are actually MOVING towards something, rather than staying still, and believe me, this is immensely important to your success, even if you balls it up a few times.

Obstacles mean that you are paying attention and noticing things in your experience that need improvement in order for you to get your goals.

Obstacles are just feedback

Obstacles almost always show up at some point, as you and your unconscious mind begin to work towards your goals and outcomes. They simply mean that you’re getting there.

Just remember that they are friends, not foes.

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