“Magic Gratitude Challenge” Day 5 – Magic Money

Day 5 of “The Magic” is about recognizing the abundance that already exists in your life and appreciating the little things we might overlook.  Are we truly recognizing and giving thanks for all of the material blessings we have now?  The more we recognize the wonderful gifts we’ve been given, the more we will be happy and attract higher levels of good.

Here are the exercises for today:

1. Write 10 things you are grateful for.

2. Take a few minutes to think over your childhood and beyond about all of the things you have been GIVEN, free of charge, in your life. Each time you think of something that was paid for and given to you for free, with all of your heart say, “Thank you!”

3. Now find a bill of any denomination ($100 is great for this but any work). Place a sticker on the bill and write on it, “THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE MONEY I’VE BEEN GIVEN THROUGHOUT MY LIFE.”

4. Carry the bill with you today and read it at least twice, but ideally many times throughout the day. After today, place the bill somewhere you can easily see it to remind you of the many times you have been given things free of charge.

5. If you have the book, read the inspiration for Day 5. Posted on Empowering Your Life

6. Before bed, hold your magic rock and say thanks for the best thing that happened today.

Share how this exercise felt for you below. And HAPPY Magic Money Day!

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