“Magic Gratitude Challenge” Day 24 – Magic Wand

Don’t think about biting into a juicy, bright yellow lemon right now. One so fresh that, as the knife cuts through it, you see and feel a fine mist of juice spray on your hand as you cut it and you breath in the strong lemony fresh scent. Also, don’t think about the juice running onto your tongue and down your throat as you first take a big bite of the lemon and even feel the texture of it on your teeth.  Are you not thinking about that lemon?

I’m sure you’ve noticed that, as Rhonda Byrne  says, “Energy flows where your attention goes.” The point in these practices is to not just allow every random influence (news, TV, music lyrics, co-workers, etc.) to control what we focus on. Instead, choose good things and send gratitude along with positive energy.

Today, we choose to focus on sending healing energy to three people we care about, as if WE are the “Magic Wand” that can grant any desire! 

1. Write 10 things you are grateful for.

2. Select THREE PEOPLE you would like to help have more health, wealth and/or happiness. If possible, gather a picture of each personto use in this experiment.

3. One at a time, hold the person’s picture in your hands, as if you were holding the person. Imagine sending healing energy to the person through your hands. Once you’ve finished sending say, “Thank you for ______’s health, wealth or happiness,” based on what you sent.      (You can also do this using an actual wand as, it can help bring extra focus. I have a favorite selenite that I often use that looks just like this, with the unfinished edge. Some of my friends use a variety of crystal wands,as in this kit. And finally, nothing beats an actual wand like this one,which can be purchased or hand made on your own. The important thing is to make it fun and use the method that feels right for the situation. I like to use them all from time to time!)

4. For extra inspiration and knowledge read Day 24 of “The Magic” book. You might also want to read (or get the FREE audio trial of) “The Secret”for even deeper understanding.

5. Before bed, hold your magic rock and say thanks for the best thing that happened today.

 A funny thing that happens when you do this is that the person will often feel drawn to call you and say he was thinking of you, even though he did not know you were doing this experiment. Share your experience below and then click here for Day 25.

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