“Magic Gratitude Challenge” Day 21 – Magnificent Outcomes

In this chapter, Rhonda Byrne shares that the writer G. K. Chesterton (who wrote the Father Brown mystery series and more) said a prayer of gratitude before everything he did, including writing his stories. Rhonda suggests taking this a step further. For example, in situations where we might hope things go well or hope for a certain outcome, instead BEFORE we even start, imagine the desired end situation and give thanks FIRST, before it happens. Let’s try it today!

Here we go:

1. Write 10 things you are grateful for.

2. Start your morning by selecting THREE events or situations where you would like a “MAGNIFICENT OUTCOME!” 

3. Write out a list of your three things from above AS IF IT ALREADY HAPPENED. Say, “Thank you for the MAGNIFICENT OUTCOME for ________.”  Infuse it with as much emotion as possible!

4. As you go through your day today WATCH for any and all situations where you have a “MAGNIFICENT OUTCOME!” Say thank you and, if you want to make an even more powerful reinforcement, write it down. Feel as much gratitude as possible when you do this.

5. For extra inspiration read Day 21 of “The Magic” book. You might also want to read (or get the FREE audio trial of) “The Secret” for even deeper understanding.

6. Before bed, hold your magic rock and say thanks for the best thing that happened today.

 What magnificent outcomes did you notice today? Please share below and then click here for Day 22.

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