Physical, Emotional, Financial, Spiritual Health: Expense or Investment

How we see things in life, is actually how it is. I would like to ask you, when it comes to health: Do you see it as an expense or an investment?

I believe that we all put values on certain things. Like a cell phone, car, house, etc. When it comes to health, I see a trend. People often don’t value ‘health’ until it starts to decline, or something tragic happens. Then it seems that the person will do whatever they can to become healthy again.

Let be the first to say, “Your Health Is An INVESTMENT, Not an expense”

Although it will become an expense if you don’t take the time to invest in it.

If we started putting more value on our health, we would stop thinking that ‘staying healthy’ is an expense. Look at it like any other investment that you have.

To be honest, you need to look at it as the NUMBER ONE investment that you will ever have.

If I asked you to write a list of your top priorities, and what is the most important, most of you would write health at the top of the list. But when it comes to cutting back, or neglecting something, it turns out that health is actually at the BOTTOM of most people’s priorities.

Reframe your mindset in that health IS and always WILL BE the number one thing in life. It is not an expense like a cell phone or a car payment. It is an investment that will keep you around longer to be able to see things like your kids and grand kids growing up.

Put a value on your health before you get sick, or develop a chronic illness.

Invest in staying healthy and living a longer life.

If you don’t make time for health, you will make time for illness in the future.

Take action in preventing illness as best you can. Eat clean, exercise, get in nature, learn how to keep your stress levels down.

Next time you think something is too expensive for your health, look at how much you spend on other things (eating out, drinks, cell phones, etc). Then ask yourself: Is your health worth more than those expensive things?

If the answer is YES, then I would look other things in your budget to cut from.

My plan to do that? I know how to invest in my body, mind, and soul. It’s cliche to say I’m going to live life to the fullest, but I am honestly trying my damnedest.

How I’m Investing:

1. Exercise to ensure good physical health. This enables me to experience unforgettable moments of impact. Such moments as setting a new personal record in a strength movement.

2. Travel. whether that is a weekend or few weeks throughout the year.

3. Eat as much organic as I can, natural, whole food products when I can while still maintaining a social life.

4. I want to be as creative, clear, and concise as I can be while I strive to create a meaningful professional life.

5. Read books that will serve my mind and emotions well. These tasks challenge my own way of thinking.

6. Participate in hobbies such as sport, nature walks, yoga , biking, and journaling. This will make life intriguing, give myself an outlet, and honestly allow myself to have content for interesting conversation.

7. Continue to meditate and pray daily. I know it will serve not only myself but the people around me while trying to become a master of my mind and emotions.

8. Continuing to love my family and friends, and make sure they know it.

These are tangible investments that I can control which give me instant and long term results. What investments will you make?

About Tanya

Tanya Gordon, MNLP, MTLT, MC.Ht is a Global Mindset & Performance Coach who coaches people to perform optimally and produce breakthrough results personally and professionally. Ultimately to tap into and harness their full potential. As an authentic, and inspirational coach and mentor, she partners with professionals, teams in the community to create transformations and lasting results.

Discover how to be more consistent and what it takes to stick to your goals.

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