Critical Thinking Skills an Indispensable Skill For Leaders

Critical thinking is one of the most important qualities that entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders can possess. Having the skills to analyze information objectively and make a reasoned judgment along with a strong gut are ideal in today’s business environment. The ability to think critically is one skill separating innovators from followers. It unmasks the unscrupulous and pretentious and exposes unsupported arguments. Those people that possess a winning mindset enjoy learning these skills because they immediately see how it gives them more control. Critical thinking is simple: It is merely the ability to understand why things are the way they are and to understand the potential consequences of actions.   If Critical thinking is so Great Why Doesn’t Everyone Use Them? Do your buttons get pushed when someone criticizes a behavior of yours that could be from past experiences? Below you will find four factors that could be preventing you from becoming a critical thinker. 1. You prefer being given the answer instead of figuring it out on your own. This could be a strong attitude that prevents you from thinking about a matter critically because you might have been criticized for thinking on your own growing up. 2. You default back to relying on your gut in making decisions. Acting impulsively with important people in your life can result in an undesirable outcome. 3. You usually don’t review the mistakes that you’ve made. This is a functional part of being a good leader. When you can look at the past, you can learn from it. 4. You don’t like to be criticized. Understanding why others criticize in the first place can help you change this attitude. We know that people criticize because they somehow feel devalued by the behavior or attitude. Stepping back and not taking it personally is a great help in changing how you feel about accepting criticism. Using good critical thinking skills will help you greatly in choosing the right path for your personal and business life choices. Like with adopting any new skill it takes practice.  6 Concepts Revealed of a Leaders Winning Mindset Illustrated 1. Question your belief. When considering something how do you know that the information about your belief is accurate? Could there be any possible bias about your current belief? Can you pinpoint where the current belief came from? Has your current belief caused problems in the past and has become a recurring issue? 2. Consider the source. Don’t necessarily take at face value what a person of authority is saying. Is there another way to interrupt the information? Question the source and use your gut to determine if it is useful to you or not. 3. Investigate. Finding the answer is quintessential in critical thinking. Investigating with your gut feeling is a great strategy in being a good leader. 4. Ask questions. Getting a better understanding of others will help you to consider what their biases could be. You’ll get a feel for what their possible motivations and aspirations are. This will then help you to be more persuasive in leveraging the situation. 5. Know all of your options. Consider an alternative to what your gut might be telling you to do. What are the possibilities of success if you took another path? Would it still get you to where you want to go? 6. Persevere. Do your best in critically looking at your options, choose the best one using your gut and act.

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