3 Myths And Misconceptions About NLP

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) has been a game changer in the way people use it to motivate others and basically make them do what you would like them to do. Its amazing capabilities expose it to different kinds of people and affect them in different kinds of ways. But one thing we know is that it really works. However, there are myths that were created specifically because of the way people handle or do it to suit their purpose and this has created the myths that hound NLP and the users who swear by it. Below are some of the myths you need to clear in your head for a better understanding of this powerful tool.

All of us face challenges and problems in life, but not all of us understand the ways to deal with them calm and confidently. We might have some vague ideas on how to fix those issues, but there is not enough clarity to make concrete decisions. This is where NLP, Hypnosis and Time-Line Therapy® can help you achieve your highest potential.

Myth #1 - NLP is Mind Control and Manipulative

Because of how effective NLP is in convincing people to go your way, many have reduced it to just a simple mind control scheme that you can use to manipulate anyone in front of you. Controlling someone is different from influencing them.

NLP does not require magic potions or strands of hair for it to work. All it does is enable you to create a rapport with others through their unconscious mind. Once this is created, the road is paved for impacting and influencing them. The stronger the connection is with the unconscious, the more influence you can wield on them. But this is not easy. You need to analyze what you are currently doing and see how it impacts your audience. A lot of a-ha moments shall come out of it and with this realization, you can rethink your scripts and selling moments to finally make a connection with your audience.

More than connecting with the unconscious, NLP also makes us realize the importance of words to people and how they impact human beings in their everyday lives. It also places a big importance on the tone of your voice. An often-neglected part of communication, which is the tone of your voice completely sets the right feelings and emotions you would like to convey in your conversations that would help you reach your personal objectives. And do not forget body language. This is basically 60% of the winning formula and it’s something you can use to further influence others. That is right, there is no manipulation here. It is just a better understanding of the person in front of you.

Myth #2 - NLP Does Not or Will Not Work for me

I know that some people who have studied or experienced NLP have had an experience of trying a technique and not getting the result they wanted. One of the key skills in NLP is being able to tailor your actions and behaviors. We call this "behavioral flexibility". This means you have to watch, observe and listen for clues that tell you what's going on for you or for the person you are attempting to influence. Once you use your perceptual or sensory skills you can adjust your approach accordingly. You are probably already getting great results in some or many areas of your life. You are using approaches and strategies you may not even be aware of that are working well for you. NLP helps you break it all down so that you have a better understanding of how things work for you and those you are working with and how to make them work even better. And if there are areas that are not working well for you often making minor changes to a process or strategy is just what you need to make a big difference in your personal or professional results.

Myth #3 - NLP Doesn't Work

Well, the simple truth is that NLP works, and it works for those who are ready to change, and more towards being excellent, and desire to unlock their potential. It is effective, powerful and fast. It works when most of the other forms of healing and therapy, behaviour modifications, and casual communication often fail.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a sophisticated way of modelling and enhancing brilliance in any part of your life or behaviour. It is factual that once you are familiar with the important NLP tools, you will be effective, efficient, elegant and a better communicator, and any misconceptions about NLP must be avoided.

This framework allows life changing and positive ideas to be conversed to your unconscious mind. It is an excellent way to alter underlying beliefs and thoughts, which assist to make constructive changes and achieve your goals.

What is NLP?
NLP is, afterall, a collection of practical techniques, skills and strategies that are easy to learn, and that can lead to real excellence. How?
Simple. There are three things people struggle with every day of their lives and NLP allows each of us to answer these questions in full. In a nutshell, NLP teaches us that these three things are:
• What do you really want in life? (Instead of what you don’t want anymore.)
• How to get rid of the barriers, conflicts or obstacles that prevent you from getting there.
• How do you make what you want happen? (And this is the most important one.)
What NLP teaches us is that we don’t need to be afraid of these questions any longer because we can unlock our own full potential and enrich the lives of others by allowing them to answer the very same questions. ~Tad James

The Truth About NLP

Of the many myths that seem to abound about NLP, the only one that you should believe is that it is a constantly evolving and changing tool. However, it is only the community who constantly challenges their perception of NLP. As it is, there are now more elegant ways to use the Meta Model. It is just a never-ending journey of discovering and rediscovering what can be done and how to do it.

NLP is a science of human communication.

With Elements of Empowerment® you will learn precise and specific tools to easily understand what is happening in a your mind. Empowered with this skill you will naturally facilitate change. This is where NLP techniques are relevant.

After you have learned NLP, you will not only have eliminated your own inner limitations but become a powerful facilitator of true transformation.

You will become a wise parent, inspirational boss, a super star sales professional.

You will navigate through life with ease and natural confidence.

Fears, doubt and anxiety will have become a thing of the past. You will have taken control of your own mind and your results.

Until next time, Stay Empowered.

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