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A great coach
will assist you through the maze of life & business to get amazing results

If you’re serious about your  business and personal development and love commitment, then you’ll reap the benefits with one of Elements of Empowerment® coaching packages. All below packages will be tailored to suit your specific needs.

If packages aren’t your thing, no problem, we’ll develop a separate plan to address your desired outcome.

We are dedicated to help you unlock your True 100% Potential

Are you ready to have the ultimate experience, like no other?


Have you noticed that many successful people use a mindset coach to help them move to the next level ?

Through our lives we develop a habitual way of thinking and doing. Our results of today are based on our thoughts and actions of yesterday.

Business leaders, athletes, singers, performers and keynote speakers hire coaches and mentors to help them move to the next level so they can experience life as they want it, to reach their unlimited potential.

Sometimes it is difficult to be able to see past what you are experiencing presently and even imagine that life can be any different or even see that it is possible for you.

Coaching will assist you to identify your vision and develop the strategies to transform your life into what it is that you want.

Some of our clients include:

  • People wanting to start their own real estate business

  • Real Estate professionals wanting to achieve more success

  • People wanting to improve their self confidence and self belief

  • Individuals wanting to improve their communication and relationships

  • People wanting more life balance

  • Real Estate professionals wanting consistent revenue 


Coaching with Elements of Empowerment® is of the highest standard and offers exceptional value in the following effective personal and professional real estate coaching program. Let us take you by the hand and show you how to do that. The reason you are where you are today is due to your beliefs, your patterns, your values; these make up your neural blueprint. 


The global influence of coaching has been steadily on the rise for more than 20 years, clearly due to the positive and sustainable outcomes that coaching provides. Real estate professional looking for immediate results and lasting change know that Coaching is highly effective for producing fulfillment in all areas of life.

The relationship between a coach and client is an ongoing professional and intimate partnership that enhances the client’s ability to access and unleash their true potential and resources already available within.  Everyone talks about dreams and visions for their future that they instinctively know they can attain, but few people create a plan, schedule the time necessary to complete the action steps, and actually follow through. 

Having a similar dream or vision with

the guidance, commitment and motivation of a coach dramatically alters the end results.

Elements of Empowerment® results-oriented approach is simple yet highly effective.


The process begins by focusing and getting very clear on what it is that you want from your real estate business, what it is that you want to achieve, what it is that you want to change, alter or completely transform.  Then, with absolute honesty, you will evaluate where you are right now. This is the gap – the distance between where you are and where you want to be.  I will work closely with you to identify and change the things that have kept you from achieving the results you desire.

Then you will be guided to create goals with specific timelines that are specific, measurable, realistic, and of course, BIG enough to stretch you well beyond your comfort zone.

Next comes a specific step by step plan to achieve each one of your intended goals along with the understanding that you are completely accountable for all steps according to the agreed upon plan and any further tasks your Coach may assign to address difficulties, barriers or obstacles that present themselves along the way OR to draw out natural resources, skills and talents that he knows are lying dormant within you, just waiting for you to breathe life into them.

And then, the magic begins…

So how is NLP high Performance Coaching different?

What distinguishes NLP Real Estate Coaching from other coaching practices is the multi-dimensional awareness of how a person communicates, both internally and externally, to achieve or even sabotage their specific and desired outcomes.  A client’s thinking and behavioural patterns are highly influential components that may determine success or failure in any endeavour.  Working closely, patiently and non-judgmentally with a client, in a trustworthy environment to overcome the obstacles along the way, is an essential ingredient to successful coaching. We prefer to enhance the language of the mind to consistently achieve a client’s specific and desired outcomes.

Add to this the vast array of tools, strategies and techniques from the NLP toolbox that produce quantum change at quantum speed, and excellence and achievement is assured.  After all, NLP is an art and a science, simply put, "the science of human potential",  it is an attitude and a methodology that leaves behind it a trail of techniques, unleashing your true potential.

Elements of Empowerment Personal Guarantee

If you are fully committed to getting to the root of the problem and changing your present circumstances, then Coaching is right for you.  Elements of Empowerment personally guarantees your results.  When complete, we will confirm that you received what you came for or your money is refunded!

You can expect these changes to continue to integrate and expand as you move forward and continue to take deliberate action in your newfound potential and empowerment and focus for the life you want to live.