Weight Loss with NLP: my secret revealed!


WEIGHT LOSS: How I’m doing it and you can too!


Since March 2017 I’ve been using NLP techniques to help me lose weight and prepare me my first National level competition with Canadian Physique Association in October 2018 … I had lost over 30 lbs total. Losing fat and gained muscle and the best bit about it is that it felt easy!  However, it was more than weight loss, it was my MINDSET, proudly earning 1st place at the National Level Pro Qualifier in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Read on if you want to know how it’s done …


Like many women, I was fed up with usual weight loss clubs trying to sell me the best personal trainer package, the cabbage diet, the calorie counting, the low calorie ‘shakes’, the yo-yo dieting, feeling deprived of the things I craved, beating myself up if I slipped off the wagon for a day or so (I really knew how to feel guilty!) or having to listen to my coach. I paid my money each month, but the effort needed to stay on track, tested by determination (I must have paid a small fortune to feel sad and depressed about my weight over the years). This brings me onto the ‘sad step’ (aka the scales – I used to dread it) – it got to the point that I was paying each month to be weighed, knowing full well I’d not followed the ‘diet’ those weeks – but somehow paying each month to torture myself by standing on the scales (even though I’d not been ‘good’) seemed like I was making some kind of effort – I got off the scales and thought to myself ‘this week I’ll be really good’. Then even that got too much (or I realized what a waste of money it was, I’m not sure which came first!) and eventually I gave up on trying to get fit and healthy – it was just too much effort and I drifted further and further away from what I was aiming for.  I had several gym memberships over the years (similar logic – I joined, went a few times, then had a tons of excuses why I couldn’t go, then waited for the contract to expire before I cancelled it – or tried to get out of it early! lol). I knew the basics – I knew what I should eat, I knew what I shouldn’t eat or drink, I knew I needed to exercise more – there wasn’t anything medically that stopped me doing what I knew consciously I needed to do, but somehow I only managed to focus on it for a while and then I drifted and couldn’t motivate myself to get back on track … any of this sounding familiar? … if so, read on ….

It got to the point where one day, I happened to catch a glimpse of myself in the full length mirror … I looked, and looked again, I stepped towards the mirror and looked into my eyes … I thought to myself this has to change, this can’t carry on – I’m tired all the time, I don’t have the energy to do the things I want to do, I have no nice clothes to wear, I felt generally depressed about how I looked and felt (I was fed up of the negative chatter in my head too). Yes, there were all the excuses under the sun for how I had ended up where I was, but that day, wearing those clothes, I decided that things had to change, I had had a realization … I got out my camera phone and decided to take some pictures and hired my coach.

Eating is a behaviour and behaviour is controlled by the unconscious mind

I had started to understand that eating was a behaviour, and I learned that the unconscious mind drives behaviour – it therefore stood to reason that if I wanted to change the behaviour (the eating), I had to change my thinking and that meant working with my unconscious mind. Then it dawned on me … these ‘weight loss’ clubs or diets were trying to help people loose weight consciously – they were missing the fundamental part – weight loss is all about the mind – I didn’t choose to be the size I was, or crave the foods I craved, there had to be more to it – the answer had to be in my mind … I knew I had to look onto NLP  Techniques  so I could learn about NLP and weight loss – I decided I wanted to lose weight and then help other women do the same …I wanted to use NLP techniques to change lives, one life at a time (starting with my own) …

So, there I was in Las Vegas, Nevada for my Practitioner course and the Master Trainer started to talk to us about our Values … she explained that our Values are what motivate us and that they are held at the unconscious level – she also explained that as humans we can either be motivated away from something we don’t want (giving inconsistent results) or towards something we do want (towards a target)… another couple of pennies dropped … I was trying to motivate myself the wrong way when it came to losing weight … by saying ‘lose weight’ I was focusing on what I didn’t want -‘weight’ –  I reframed it, what I wanted was to be fit and healthy, I wanted to be a certain shape, a certain dress size – I started to realize it wasn’t really  about the weight at all – I had used the word ‘weight’ in my goal because that’s how we typically measure of success in this area of our life, we all do, right?! – or maybe not … I needed to create a goal using the NLP goal setting technique; ‘well formed outcomes’ – a technique I learned on my NLP Practitioner course. Creating a wellformed outcome meant my conscious mind and unconscious mind would be focused on achieving what I wanted – once I had a well formed outcome I aligned my values behind it – this turbo charged my health and fitness target beyond anything I could imagine.

As an NLP Practitioner Coach, when we work with clients on their values, we know that there are typically a number of areas of life we refer to as quadrants (e.g. family, relationship, health & fitness etc) and we elicit their values in each area and the work on this. Bam! there was another light bulb moment … people’s weight issues are never in the health and fitness quadrant in their life … my  weight issue was actually well buried in my family and relationship quadrants …. Bingo … the pieces of the jigsaw were becoming visible and were starting to come together …

I remember.... there it was staring me in the face … there were 2 specific points in my life where my weight ballooned …. during the my breakthrough and it became clear that I had been carrying around ‘baggage’ connected to these times in my life … in some bizarre way (that I still couldn’t tell you how) my unconscious mind was trying to protect me by keeping me a certain weight (I know it sounds surreal, but this is what sometimes happens to us at an unconscious level).

… it became clearer and clearer as I better understood what was going on in my mind …  my unconscious mind was driving my behaviour to fulfil a goal/objective from when I was a child (and I had previously had no idea it was going on) … for example it felt familiar to feel over-full, I wanted chocolate to signal the end of the day, I ate when I wanted to cheer myself up, I ate when I was sad etc etc …  the phycological links between my eating behaviour and my weight were clear to see … then it hit me – I wished I discovered this years ago! …

I truly believe that NLP can  transform your life and if I can do it so can you (there is nothing special about what I did – I had an open mind, I was curious, I wanted my goal really badly and I followed the instructions of my Coach) –  if you can approach your challenge with the same approach I had, there is no reason why you can’t get your goal too!


The Secret is … ‘Elements Weight Paradigm’ Intensive Coaching

The process is designed to be used with people with long-term ‘weight issues’ of 7lb or more over or under weight (not someone that’s put on a few pounds over Christmas). It’s for people who have a deep problem with their weight and they have probably ‘tried’ many things to resolve the problem rather than the underlying motivation. Weight loss with the Elements Weight Paradigm offers weight loss at a safe rate of around 2 lb a week.

How does it work?

You are set 3 or 4 tasks that you need to complete prior to your Elements Weight Paradigm intensive coaching session with your Coach. We spend time focused on you. We take time to understand what the real problem is (in my experience it’s never the problem people first talk about – it’s generally something entirely different) … we look at your values, we get you to write the most compelling goal (using the NLP techniques we know work), we use some Time Line Therapy® and a host of other amazing NLP techniques to shift the issues surrounding your weight once and for all, freeing you up to get after your new health and fitness goal!


‘This genuinely changed my life’

The Elements Weight Paradigm is a serious alternative to the many alternatives that do not work, that many people are considering these days (but Tanya's view is that like the traditional weight loss methods, the alternatives still fails to truly address the real issue – because she fundamentally believes our weight challenges are in our minds).

After the Elements Weight Paradigm intensive coaching, you will walk away with motivation towards your health and fitness goal like you never thought was possible … you’ll have some tasks to complete after the Elements Weight Paradigm coaching session to cement in the changes you made during your coaching. The Elements Weight Paradigm is detailed and thorough – as long as you are open to change and honest with yourself and your  Coach, you’ll ‘clear out’ everything you need to – you have the ability to let go of what is holding you back in this area of your life and realize your goal …

Elements of Empowerment® is the only provider in Canada of the  Elements Weight Paradigm.... for now. 

Tanya only works with a small number of Elements  Weight Paradigm clients each year and is currently taking bookings for the next 12-18months. If you’d like to be one of Tanya's exclusive clients, act quickly.

Will this year be the year you finally crack this? How would it be if you were able to gain the health, energy & fitness benefits Tanya has realized since she changed her thinking? How about being able to do something that you currently can’t – how good would that be? What will you be leaving behind when you have reached your health and fitness goal? What will you gain once you’ve reached your goal?

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