The element of the Physical world

The element of Earth is a reminder to examine our physical world - health, work/ life balance, finances, decluttering, etc.

  • What areas in your life are you interested in improving?

  • What are you excited to change?

  • What do you want to achieve?


The element of the mind

The element of Air reminds us to focus on our thoughts.  This is an opportunity to re-frame our perspective and views.

  • What is the tone of your inner voice?

  • Are your thoughts working with you or against you?

  • What would be possible if your inner voice wasn't working against you?

The element of Action

The element of Fire move us to action - goal setting, list making, evaluation and forward movement.

  • How have you been successful in the past with setting and achieving goals?

  • What kinds of accountability motivates you?


The element of Feelings

The element of Water is a reminder to embrace our emotions.  We can look within, at our life patterns and determine if they are serving us well.

  • What emotions motivate you to change?

  • What life patterns are working well for you?