Boost Confidence with Hypnosis and NLP 

At Elements of Empowerment®, our professionally trained hypnotherapists, are committed to helping their clients overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals so they can fully enjoy a healthier, happier life.  We specialize in quit smokingrelaxation, stress and anxiety treatmentweight losssuccess coaching for life and business as well as phobias including fear of flying. Consultations include a combination of NLP and hypnosis targeting your desired outcome. Your hypnotherapy  


session will begin with some discussion about your goals, whether you wish to stop smoking, lose weight, overcome stress & anxiety or any other habit you wish to change or fear you wish to overcome.  After we have clarity on your goal we will begin hypnosis and you will be guided into a deeply relaxing hypnotic state that is very pleasant. Hypnosis is a focused state of internal awareness, sometimes referred to as a trance.  Most people go naturally in and out of hypnosis multiple times every day and you will find it to be a familiar experience, like when drifting off into a daydream or meditation or getting “lost” in a novel, driving the car and upon reaching your destination not remembering any of the trip, as if time just “flew by”.  Your hypnotherapist will gently release unhelpful patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs, blocks and fears and create new inner beliefs that will set the wheels in motion to help make positive changes in the way you think, feel and behave.

It is always our pleasure to help people release blocks and triggers that are stopping them from living their lives the way they truly want to live, their true potential and performance.