The ELEMENTS LIFESTYLE FITNESS SYSTEM is available exclusively at my private studio. The private studio features powerful and empowering 1-on-1 training programs for men and women who want to achieve rapid, targeted body improvements. I am proud to offer the following services at out studio.


Tanya Gordon 1-on-1 Private Personal Training Program


Utilizing the ELEMENTS LIFESTYLE FITNESS SYSTEM, all workouts are individually designed. The ELFS is synergistic training program that approaches fitness for 5 elements:


• Cardiovascular Conditioning

• Strength Conditioning

• Core Stability

• Balance Flexibility

• Nutrition




  •     12 Reserved Workout dates in my private studio, over the course of 4 weeks 

  •     Private health and fitness goal setting meeting

  •     Personalized whole food meal plan 

  •     Supplementation guidance

  •     Personalized take home weight and cardio program

  •     Grocery store educational experience 



Tax incl


Nutritional guidance and education


    Unlimited email and text messaging support

    Towel service

    Reverse Osmosis Water

    Once a month progress updates for 30 minutes

    Access to Elements Lifestyle App

    Magnum Nutraceuticals supplement samples

    Task to help with emotional eating

    Coaching on how to change your relationship with food

    Goal setting, mindset and accountability, that motivates you to achieve success!




Ready to get started on your goals?