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Tanya Gordon is a Board Certified Master Coach in her private practice.  Tanya has spent over 10 years offering counselling services to persons within her community.  She has designed programs and treatments for persons experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, trauma, sleep disturbance, and many other concerns.

Tanya values counselling services for everyone and offers these online resources free of charge. 

This is a free resource page designed for people seeking information, education, resources and concrete steps to help improve coping and managing specific concerns, specially COVID-19.


I have also committed to myself to offering you FREE Coaching Calls until May 31, 2020*.

Around the world, millions of people are quarantined and in isolation.


You are, undoubtedly, navigating a sea of different emotions right now.... Worry for your loved ones, and your own health. Fear about what is going to happen. More stress as plans get cancelled and businesses close.


Uncertainty about the best way to spend your time and energy right now. I totally understand and I feel all that too. It can be difficult to keep all these harmful emotions at bay when there is so much going on for your personal and business life.


Although we cannot control the action of others or predict what happens next.




As a board certified International NLP Coach and Practitioner, I would like to offer support and guidance on your concerns. This is complimentary coaching support that will entitle you to 1 hour private call and access to iNLP Covid-19 Mental Health Program.*


Take the time now to invest in yourself so you can THRIVE in the future. 

COVID-19, also known as novel coronavirus, is a critical public health concern with far-reaching impact across the country and around the world. People from across a broad range of practice areas have developed the following resources to assist businesses and personal lives during this challenging time.

These resources will be updated frequently during the crisis. Please check back regularly to stay up-to-date.

*We have already seen a huge variety of fantastic resources being shared and wanted to make sure that you can find the signal amongst the noise.To make sure that you don't miss anything important, we have started to curate a page of links to the best tools and resources.

*iNLP COVID-19 Mental Health Coaching Program is complimentary coaching ($500.00 value). It may be split up. For example: 2x30 min calls, 4x15 min calls etc,. Limit to 75  minutes per person.