Free Online

Mental Health Coaching

To Deal With COVID-19 Stress & Anxiety

Elements of Empowerment™ wants to give Canadians the opportunity to get the help they need during the global pandemic.


Their new revolutionary program iNLP gives you access to  online services to deal with COVID-19 stress and anxiety. As a bonus, it's completely free*

Elements of Empowerment™, a digital coaching and mental health platform, is offering a free and confidential program aimed at helping people combat their stress, anxiety and worry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It's free to use and virtual so you can access the program from the comfort of your home without having to dish out any cash.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced tremendous uncertainty, change, and adversity into the lives of millions of people worldwide. This increases the stress, worry, and anxiety felt from family health, finances, and work/home conditions."

This program is for anyone whether you're part of a large business, self-employed, have a loved one who's been laid off,  have been let go yourself during this pandemic or just stressed about this whole situation.

iNLP COVID-19 Mental Health Program will help people:

  1. Understand how uncertainty, change, and disruption can increase stress and anxiety 

  2. Set healthy boundaries to manage the constant stream of COVID-19 information 

  3. Create realistic goals to keep their lives on track during this pandemic 

  4. Learn about strategies and tools to manage COVID-19 anxiety and worrisome thoughts 

  5. Connect with a supportive, confidential online empowerment facebook community for ongoing peer support 

You can invite friends, family, colleagues and anyone else you can think of to get access to this mental health service.

All you have to do is send them the URL from this page and they can register themselves.

What Can This Program Help Me With?


1. Self-Awareness

Learn how uncertainty, change, and disruption from COVID-19 can increase your stress and anxiety.

2. Healthier Boundaries

Set healthy boundaries to manage the constant stream of COVID-19 information.


3. Create Realistic Goals

Help keep your life on track during the chaos of this pandemic.

4. Strategies & Tools

Track and balance your moods and thoughts. Learn strategies to help cope with the stress and worry of COVID-19.


5. Peer Support

Connect with an online, confidential community for ongoing empowerment support and learn how others are coping with this pandemic.



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Frequently Asked Questions?


Who is this Program for?

This program is for anyone who may need support during the COVID-19 crisis. We are making this available to employees at small to large businesses, self-employed workers, people recently laid-off, and anyone's extended family and support networks. This program is intended for use by individuals who are 16 years of age or older.

Does it cost me anything?

No, our iNLP COVID-19 Mental Health Program is completely free. 

Is the Program secure and confidential?

Our program is 100% confidential and can be anonymous. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone and Elements of Empowerment™ adheres to the high standards for privacy and security required by the coaching industry. 

Can I invite my family and other colleagues to get access? 

Yes, this free program is available to everyone. Simply send them the URL for this page so they can register too. 

*iNLP COVID-19 Mental Health Coaching Program is complimentary coaching ($500.00 value). It may be split up. For example: 2x30 min calls, 4x15 min calls etc,. Limit to 75  minutes per person.This Program is not designed to diagnose or treat depression, anxiety or any other mental health disorders, which can only be carried out by a qualified mental health professional