Welcome to the  30-day InnerGame Empowerment Challenge.

Welcome to your first day of this 30-day challenge! Congratulations on taking charge of your

life and moving in a positive direction with positive affirmations for inner peace and self-love. I'm super excited for you!

30 Days of Positive Affirmations for more Inner Peace

and Self-love


At Elements of Empowerment™, I am a big fan of journaling and self-reflection. Consistently getting your thoughts, dreams, and fears out on paper helps you gain greater self-awareness, more positivity and insight into what you actually want out of life. 


That's why you have been invited to the 30-Day Empowerment Makeover Challenge: an awesome tool, complimenting your coaching. If you are new to self-reflection, have trouble sticking to it, or simply want to solidify this. powerful habit.

All you will need is a notebook or journal. 

Now... it's time for your 30-Day InnerGame Empowerment Challenge. Have fun!


30-Day InnerGame Empowerment Challenge

Day 1: I am willing to see things differently.

A Course In Miracles (one of my all-time favorite books) states that a miracle is a simple shift in perception from fear to love. Anytime you are willing to see things differently, in a more positive light, you’ve just performed a miracle.

Today, be open to changing your perspective for the better and watch what happens. :)

Day 2: I let go of struggle and surrender to ease.

So many of us struggle through life unnecessarily. Work is a struggle, the kids are a struggle, relationships (or lack thereof) are a struggle. But it doesn't have to be so hard! Life is supposed to be fun and easy.

Today, try to lighten up and stop taking everything so seriously. Let go of the struggle and surrender to ease.

Day 3: I release the need for a picture perfect (aka boring) life.

Everybody wants this picture perfect life, with the perfect amount of money and the perfect big house and the perfect little family.

But where in perfection is there room for fun? Or change? Or opportunity?

If you ask me, having a perfect life would be pretty freakin’ boring! So be thankful that your life is a little messy and release the need for a picture perfect life.

Day 4: I choose to stop playing life on hard mode and go with the flow instead.

Today's the day to stop playing life on hard mode and just go with the flow.

Practice being a little more flexible and open-minded. Let life happen for you, not to you. And know that as soon as you hot that life switch from hard to east, everything will fall perfectly into alignment. 

Day 5: I can wait.

Impatience is a real inner peace killer. The time gap between what we want and when we get it can be excruciating at times, but not if we can wait.

Today when you’re stuck in traffic, sit calmly and say “I can wait.” When you’re in line to get your morning Starbucks and the baristas are taking forever… “I can wait.” Anytime when you don’t want to wait, practice today's affirmation “I can wait.”

Day 6: I choose faith over fear.

There are two ways to approach looking at the future: with faith or with fear.

We are always worried when we come from a place of fear, but when we have a little faith we can rest easy knowing that somehow, someway, it will always work out for us.

Today, choose faith over fear and notice how much better it feels. :)

Day 7: I fully accept this moment.

An inner struggle comes from non-acceptance of what is. So accept this movement and watch the void be filled with calm. 

Eckhart Tolle says the best in his bestselling book, The Power of Now, " All you really need to do is accept this moment fully. You are then at ease in the here and now and as ease with yourself."

Practice accepting all moments today. (Hint: This is a great affirmation to set as a recurring reminder on your phone).

Day 8: I release all judgment and accept the “is-ness” of all situations. Nothing is good or bad until I make it so.


All life situations just are.

They are not good or bad until we judge and label them as such.

So instead of judging, practice witnessing without opinion. Just watch as the calm observer of your life. Notice how when you view things from a calm, centered, and separated view, you no longer get consumed by them.

Day 9: Today I get out of my head and feel it instead.

Stop thinking so much and start feeling instead. Being in your head is the very reason you are so stressed all the time. Your intuition knows what’s best and the more you practice honoring it and following it, the easier you will find peace and guidance.

Repeat this little rhyme all day today.

Day 10: Life is too short to be stressed all the time.

Life is too short to be stressed all the time. Seriously! Aren't there better ways you would rather spend your time here on earth?!

That’s what I thought. :)

If you struggle with anxiety here are a few exercises you can try today that will help!

Day 11: I inhale calm and exhale stress. Breathing brings me back to center.

Try this mini-meditation today whenever you feel an anxious thought coming on. As you inhale say (in your head) “I inhale calm,” and as you exhale say “I exhale stress”.

Visualize the calm entering and the stress leaving your body. Feel the difference after just breathing in and out a few times.

Just let it go. It's time. :)

Day 12: I interrupt my worries with thoughts of appreciation.

When you feel worried it’s time to stop, drop and appreciate!

Stop whatever you’re doing or thinking and take a moment to note three things that you’re thankful for. Gratitude is like coconut oil, it fixes everything.

For extra credit, start your own gratitude journal!

Day 13: I get to choose how I feel and today I choose to trust that the universe has my back.

Did you know that you get to choose how you feel? You’re the one in charge here.

So today, choose to trust the universe a little.

If you’re just not there yet that’s totally ok! In that case, you might really love, need or want to read The Universe Has Your Back by Gabriele Bernstein.

Day 14: Peace comes naturally when I stop resisting it.

Guess what! Under all that stuff you’re carrying around, all the worry and anxiety, all the stress and doubt, there is peace, silently waiting for you to uncover it.

You see, peace is not about doing something to feel peaceful (although things like gratitude and meditation certainly do help). Peace is about undoing the things that are preventing you from noticing the inner peace that’s already there!


Day 15: Peace is my natural state of wellbeing.

Let's build on yesterday's mini challenge, shall we?

Today’s affirmation builds on yesterday’s.

Peace is your natural state of wellbeing. Deep down to the core everyone and everything is peaceful.

If you would just stop doing that thing you do you would feel it come through. So come back to yourself, uncover your natural peace.

Day 16: I am ready to love myself.

The first step in creating change is to be willing and ready. Which you obviously are since you’re in this challenge to win it!

When you say this affirmation you are showing the universe that you are serious about self-love and it will conspire to help. :)

Day 17: I choose to see myself through the unconditionally loving eyes of God today.

God, Source, Spirit (whatever you like to call it) loves you unconditionally.

Today pretend that you are this higher power and see yourself through it’s perspective.

If you have no idea whatsoever how to go about this, just pretend like you are a loving mother to a young child. That's another perfect example of unconditional love.

Sound the trumpets! Day 18 is here and ready to change your life.

Day 18: Self-love is my divine right and I accept it now.

Everyone is entitled to loving themselves. Even you.

Like any skill, it’s gonna take a little practice, but that’s why you’re here for 30 days. Really commit to this new self-love journey and you cannot fail.

You deserve it. :)

Day 19: I am love.

You are love. You are made up of unconditional love. Your main ingredient is pure love.

I don’t know how many other different ways I can say it, but you are love! So own that and embrace it.

As you go through your day repeat the affirmation to yourself, especially when you encounter other people. When you radiate love, you will feel it and so will they.

Let's build on yesterday's mini challenge.

Day 20: I am light.

Just as you are love, you are also light. The light this world needs.

So shine your light. Today, carry yourself with pride and openness as you remember what you really are. Have your shoulders and chest open nice and wide and imagine your heart is shining a bright light throughout the day. It touches and heals everyone and everything in it’s path.

Day 21: Unique

There are over 7.125 billion people on this planet and I am the one and only me! Just think about that today. 

Day 22: My strength lies in my individuality.

Hell yeah, it does!Not to sound like your favorite pre-school teacher, but you’re individuality is what makes you awesome.

Guess why you're here. It's kind of a big deal... Own that!

Day 23: I am here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold through me. That’s how important I am.

Did you know that God (or whatever you believe in) created you as an expression of Itself?!

Meaning, that God wanted to experience itself through Tanya and everyone else who has ever existed! AND each one of us has a more specific purpose for being here, but it’s not predetermined or something you have to find. It’s whatever you want it to be.

Choosing your purpose is part of your free will. What will it be? :)


Day 24: I am enough. Today's challenge is important, so listen up!

You are enough. You were created enough. You are more than enough. You have always been enough. You are so ridiculously enough it's not even funny. You are enough to be, do, or have anything that you want. You are enough. Period.

t's time for the f word... FORGIVENESS.

Day 25: I forgive myself for…

Forgive yourself for something today. Heck, forgive yourself for everything today!

When you miss the exit, forgive yourself. When you forget to pack your kids lunch, forgive yourself. When you think something mean about someone else, (you guessed it) forgive yourself.

Day 26: I love… about myself. Now is not the time to be shy!

What do you truly, honestly love about yourself?

Maybe it's the way you treat others. Or how you cook amazing food and have awesome taste in music.

Admire yourself today because you’re awesome.

Day 27: I appreciate myself for… GASP! Only three days left!

What can you wholeheartedly appreciate about yourself today?

Besides the fact that you’re a badass for being into self-empowerment and besides the fact that you’re actually taking the time to be the best version of yourself. ;)

Day 28: I was created perfectly.

You’re already perfect because you were created perfect.

You’re not broken or missing anything. There’s nothing that needs to be fixed or added. You’re already perfect like you were intended to be.

How nice is that?

I have an awesome mini challenge for you today... :D

Day 29: I am the creator of my own reality.

If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that I’m into manifesting. I love creating my life exactly the way I want it and I love teaching others how to do the same.

You did it!

You made it to the end of the 30-day challenge! Congratulations for being a badass. You should be proud of yourself. :)

How do you feel?! Is your life already looking as different on the outside as it does on the inside? I wanna know what you’ve gained from this challenge (and if there's any way I can make it even better). 

Day 30: I love myself.

Here’s your final task. Go to the mirror. Look at yourself. Say “I love you.” Say it like you would to anyone else that you really love. Extend that honor of being loved by you to yourself. You deserve it.

(If it’s too hard to say at first, that’s ok. It’s not easy to look yourself in the eye and do something society has taught you your whole life is wrong. You can go back to day 24 and use the affirmation “I am enough,” then you come back and graduate to this one later.)

I still have one tip for you! 

If you need more inspiration , let me know. I have The  30-Day InnerGame Makeover Challenge.

To your Empowering Life!