• develop confidence

  • ​Remove fear
  • manage stress response

  • build resilience

  • remove anxiety

Bullying is unfortunately all around us.  From childhood to adulthood, from the home to the school yard, from the school yard to the workplace and through social media, being bullied is likely inevitable at some stage throughout our life.

Bullying can lead to stress, depression, reclusive behaviour, fear, anxiety, loss of confidence and even suicide.

Victims of bullying will retain memories within their subconscious.  These memories can then trigger unwanted emotions, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.   Coaching combined with NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy® are powerful tools for helping people overcome debilitating fears, stress, anxiety and depression.

Coaching can not only assist on so many levels those who are suffering as a consequence of bullying but can also assist the bullies themselves.

The reason is simple. Your Coach will help you gain access to any irrational fears and emotions you may have and the thoughts that trigger them.  Re-programming can then take place from there.

package price:

$375. + tax