Only he who can see the invisible can do the impossible​

Athlete performance 

  • Identify and clarify your desired goals and outcomes;

  • Align your goals and outcomes with what’s most important in your life;

  • Help you create an action plan to move you forward quickly;

  • Guide you through unchartered emotional, mental & physical roadblocks;

  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs and the mental and physical barriers that are keeping you “stuck”; and

  • Hold you accountable for achieving your desired successes.

It’s game time. The pressure’s on.

You’ve set your goals, visualized the outcome you want, and the clock is ticking.

Whether you’re a distance athlete, a teammate, or an Olympic weightlifter, you already know the importance of mental preparation when it comes to crushing your athletic goals.

But, you also know that adequate mental preparation is no simple feat. Goal-setting, visualization, and crafting that perfect mindset all take serious work, just like perfecting your sport.

Despite all of your training and coaching, do you ever feel that there is something missing?
What if the skills, beliefs and processes of the world’s best athletes and coaches were accessible to you?
Elements of Empowerment® can be when we combine NLP, Time Line Therapy® & Sport.
. Our coaching makes you aware of your unconscious patterns and provides the techniques to utilize your mind to perform at a higher level. Reduce performance related anxiety, manage competition stress, boost confidence and calm the busy mind. Our NLP toolkit has a series of techniques to help you master these aspects of your life.