30-Day Empowerment


Welcome to the  30-day Emotional Eating Journal.

This is an emotional eating journal 30-day challenge that is specifically designed to help you stop your emotional eating, stop feeling guilty or ashamed of your eating, and find your way to a joyful and abundant place.  Plus, who doesn’t love a good 30-day challenge? I know you do!

They’re so much fun, it’s such a doable time-frame, and you get such a feeling of accomplishment. What’s not to love?

Although the whole ‘do something for 30 days and it’ll become a habit’ thing is a myth, it sure doesn’t hurt. If you’re looking to make something a part of your life, doing a 30-day challenge is a cool way to make a start. And if you haven’t tried journaling, now’s your chance.

Why do an emotional eating journal?

You can learn a ton and make your body, self, and life better. Sounds great right?

Journaling is not only great fun and a wonderful learning tool, it’s got some fantastic healing benefits too. As this wonderful article from the American Psychological Association outlines, many people in some pretty terrible situations can benefit greatly from journaling about their stresses and struggles. The research summarized in the article points out that it doesn’t really matter who you are, or how or where you write, but that the act of writing-reflecting-and learning can be super beneficial, both physically and psychologically.

They do stress that it’s the learning and reflecting part of the journaling process that’s key. You can’t just write about what you did today, close up your journal, and expect the benefits to roll in. You have to find meaning and growth in your writing. How you write your story and find the meanings in it will have a big effect on your outcomes.

All you will need is a notebook or journal. 

Now... it's time for your 30-Day Empowerment Journaling Challenge. Have fun!


30-Day empowerment Journaling Challenge

How can an emotional eating journal help you?

If you’ve been living with, working with, or healing emotional eating for any time at all, I’m sure you’re well aware that it’s about so much more than just food or eating. In fact, for most people, it’s barely about those things at all. Emotional eating is a message, a symptom, and something to be explored.


Journaling is a fantastic way to do some of this exploration.

As I’ve said above, the results of your journaling will really depend on how you write your story and find meanings in yourself. This has huge potential for emotional eaters! If your emotional eating has meanings and messages, exploring them through writing can provide insights and growth you’d never considered.

You dig inside yourself to put words to emotions and experiences, you can see connections taking place on the page, and your mind can open up to explore areas that are new, or find new connections and meanings in areas you’ve been over a million times inside your own head.


Once you’ve got a deeper understanding of what’s going on, you are in such a stronger position to heal your emotional eating from the root causes instead of yet another band-aid quick fix.

Yup. Journaling can help you do that!

The Challenge:


Use the following journal questions and prompts to write each and every day for the next 30 days. Don’t skip the reflection days! Those are the most important ones.

Get yourself a journal and a pen, a word document, or whatever you want to journal with. –  Then just start with day 1 and get writing . You are also tasked to email your entries to me every day, without exception. Everything is held in very strict confidence, so the more you are open and honest with yourself, the greater the return you will have on your investment.  Please send entries to


Day 1: Who am I? Who have I been? Who do I want to be?

Day 2: What do I want most in life? How can I get it?

Day 3: What are my biggest barriers? Why do they block me? How can I work with them?

Day 4: This year I most want to … and I will achieve this by …

Day 5: How can I invest in myself, my health, and my joy this year?

Day 6:  Looking back over your past five days of writing, what patterns or understandings can I now see about myself and where I’m headed?



Day 7: How does food make me feel? How do I wish I felt about food?

Day 8: Why do I eat? What 3 words describe my relationship with food right now? What 3 words do I wish I did?

Day 9: If my emotional eating has a message, what is it trying to tell me?



Day 10: What is my body? How do I connect food and body?

Day 11: If I could take a magic pill and have my dreams body, what would it be?

Day 12: Dear body, I love you because …

Day 13: When I look in the mirror, I feel …

Day 14: What are my biggest daily challenges with food and body?

Day 15: If I didn’t have these problems, how would my life be different?

Day 16: What did I learn about food and body from my Mother?

Day 17: Looking back over the past 16 days of writing, what patterns or understanding can I now see about myself, food and my body?


Looking Deeper

Day 18: What do I feel stressed, guilty, or angry about? What do I do with these feeling? What do I feel joyous, happy, and abundant about? What do I do with these feelings?

Day 19: Where do I practice forgiveness in my life? Where could I give more?

Day 20: Write down everything in life that gives me pleasure or joy. What in my life makes me feel alive and energized?

Day 21: I feel most at peace and connected when I … because …

Day 22: What advice would I like to give my younger self?

Day 23: What advice would older me probably like to tell “now” me?

Day 24: What would it mean if I were good enough?

Day 25: Looking back over the past 24 days of writing, what patterns or understanding can I now see about the emotional side of my emotional eating?

Looking Forward

Day 26: What 3 things am I grateful for? What am I most looking forward to?

Day 27: What do I wish I’d done differently in? Why? What would be different now?

Day 28: What went super well? What is different now because of that?

Day 29: What words do I wish someone would say to me right now? How can I give that to myself this year?

Day 30: Looking back over the past 30 days of journaling, what do I now know that I didn’t before? How can I take this forward into action?


I still have one tip for you! 

If you need more inspiration , let me know. I have The  30-Day InnerGame Makeover Challenge.

To your Empowering Life!